Our Mission:

Opening Hearts to Christ through:

  1. Prayer
  2. Fellowship
  3. and Service

Our Values:

  1. Acknowledging the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in each person.
  2. The Eucharist, source of our strength and unity.
  3. Life-giving liturgies.
  4. Maintaining our beautiful House of Prayer.
  5. A vibrant parish community.
  6. The Gospel values of love, compassion and social justice.
  7. Hospitality.
  8. Service to the poor.
  9. A strong Catholic presence and anchor of hope in the Historic Soulard Neighborhood.

Our Strategy:

  1. We will create and facilitate interpersonal relationships within the faith community through efforts that support small faith communities that are made available to all members living in various geographic locations.
  2. We will provide for the fulfillment of parish hospitality (“All Welcome”) through programs that respond to the needs of those in search of a faith community, and especially those who seek a reconnection with their Roman Catholic faith.
  3. We will fulfill the message in the epistle of St. James (James 2:17 “Faith is like that: if good works do not go with it, it is quite dead.”) by establishing connections for the people of the parish to become involved in works of social service and social justice.
  4. We will enable the spiritual journey of each parishioner through the celebration of meaningful liturgical prayer, the creation of opportunities for prayer, and the availability of spiritual guidance.