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Sts Peter & Paul has it All!

Sts. Peter and Paul Parish in historic Soulard is a personal parish for all of its pa­rishioners. We come from near and far, from diverse backgrounds, cultures and stations in life. However, we all share a common bond knowing that the work we do, the worship we engage in and the way we lead our lives is bringing us closer to God.

Today, nearly three-quarters of the parishioners live outside the parish boundaries, and each weekend new worshippers come from all over the St. Louis area to join the regular parishioners in celebrating the mass in one of the most attractive settings in this county.

We grow in vitality and viability each time we proclaim God's good news through our worship, education, evangelization and social ministry. The grace of God is evident as we interact with one another. Our unity in the spirit of Christ is strengthened as we worship, play and serve together.

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Written by Kurt Dierkes, Arnold, MO.

I was raised by parents who attended the neighborhood United Church of Christ occasionally.  Brought up to believe in God, I was baptized but never received communion or was confirmed.  Growing older, I yearned for the opportunity to return to church to fill an empty place in my life, but did not know how to proceed. I was married at 22 and my wife confided that she had never been baptized, confirmed or received first communion either.  Through our married life we attended churches of various denominations but would always feel more content after attending Mass on Saturday evenings at Sts. Peter and Paul with my family.

In August 2012, my wife passed away from complications following a massive stroke, and the call from God to attend church on a more regular basis was stronger than ever before in my life. I began attending Sts. Peter and Paul’s Saturday evening Mass regularly and, once again, felt very satisfied and content.  As I became acquainted with Fr. Bruce Forman and Deacons Tom Gorski and Dennis Chitwood, I felt very welcomed by them and looked forward to attending Mass every weekend.  Fr. Bruce has a standing invitation to anyone without a Bible to pick one up from the church vestibule.  One evening on the way out, I took one home and immediately began the habit of reading one chapter daily.  It wasn’t long before I decided to become Catholic and my sisters (both converts) happily agreed to be my sponsors.  Upon meeting the RCIA Team, I felt totally accepted as they warmly accepted me as a candidate in the program.

As I attended Mass each Sunday morning, I eventually met and became friends with most of the parishioners.  Continuing my journey of faith through RCIA, I would become overwhelmed with the show of genuine kindness I would receive from all of these people.  I felt that I was not alone in my journey, but that each and every one of them walked with me during this time, as they took me in as one of their own. In March 2013 my wish finally came true when I received the full Sacraments of the Holy Catholic Church during the Easter Vigil.  

To this day, I continue to hold all of those special memories in my heart and look forward to attending Mass each Sunday Morning to converse with my newfound friends.  Sts. Peter and Paul Parish truly is a special place that is filled with wonderful people.  I am proud and blessed that God sent me in their direction during my time of need. 


(Testimonial's Continued)

Written by Brenda Thale, Fenton, MO

I was raised Catholic, attended St Francis De Sales School & Church.I married a non-Catholic who later became a minister, so I served God in the protestant faith for twenty five years. I always said Catholic’s could teach Protestants about reverence, faithfulness & sacrifice, and Protestants could teach Catholics about praise, reading the Bible, & giving. We have all of that at St Peter & Paul.

I started attending a non-denominational church where the preaching was good but the congregation was not very friendly. My Sister Paula was attending St Peter & Paul, she told me it was not like any Catholic Church she had been to & thought I would like it.  I came and loved it all: The preaching, the worship & the wonderful people!

I soon began to date Jim, whom I had known since I was a teenager. Jim was also raised Catholic, but had not been attending church for the last 25 years. I invited him and after about a month he said, I think I will go to Church with you next Sunday. I said great! When we left Jim said  ” you’re right it is different, a little long, but I like it."Those that knew Jim can tell you how he jumped in and volunteered for everything. He always felt part of your contribution was giving of yourself. The love and support I received during Jim’s illness & passing speaks volumes of the kind of people that attend St Peter & Paul Parish.

Jim & I were truly Catholics that came home.  We enjoyed 23 years of serving God and growing in our relationship with Him & each other. We grew because of the great preaching & teaching from our Pastor Father Bruce & the wonderful Deacons we have been blessed with over the years. I know Jim is rejoicing in Heaven because of it. I am happy & blessed to call all of you family, and St Peter & Paul home!


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