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Social Justice Ministry

Parishioners of Sts. Peter and Paul support our mission of service through an active social justice ministry. 

On the 9th of each month parishioners come together and provide a meal for homeless or low income guests.  A meal, including drink and dessert, is prepared and served in the Rose Room, a hall on the parish grounds.   

Parishioners support the men's emergency shelter, located beneath the sacristy of the church, with monthly donations of personal care items, towels, and bedding.  Tours of the shelter are held at intervals so that new parishioners and other interested individuals can see the work going on there. 

Both the meals program and the emergency shelter are programs supported by Peter and Paul Community Services. A parish representative sits on the Board of PPCS as a liaison between the parish and the agency.  For more information regarding volunteer opportunities at either of these programs please contact Jane Lindley, volunteer coordinator at PPCS - jlindley@ppcsinc.org.    

The Bus Pass Program is unique to Sts. Peter and Paul.  Parishioners and friends of Sts. Peter & Paul donate money to buy bus passes for people getting new jobs.  By sponsoring the Bus Pass program, we partner with the employers to get people to their jobs. By doing so, we hope to help people achieve independent living.

 The parish has partnered with Joint Neighborhood Ministry to provide gifts to adults and children in need during the Christmas season.  Families apply for assistance based on need through JNM and our parish family generously provides toys, games, clothing, grocery gift cards and utility assistance.  Seniors at St. Agatha's home are also included in the collection.  Each year we are overwhelmed with the generosity of the parishioners of Sts. Peter and Paul. 

During the Lenten season "Rice Bowls" are provided and parishioners donate the savings from their Lenten meals to Catholic Relief Services. 

October brings an annual collection of shoes to benefit the " St. Louis Shoeman".  New and gently used shoes are donated, then sold to provide affordable footwear to people in Kenya and Haiti.  Proceeds from these sales are then used to provide clean water projects in these countries. 

Used eyeglasses are collected on an ongoing basis and delivered to the Lions organization to help in their support of the visually impaired.

Food donations have been held at times to support local food pantries. 

For further information regarding the service work at St. Peter and Paul please contact the parish office at 314 231-9923



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