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Meals for the Needy

Every day from the 2nd through the 21st of each month, a free meal is served at our Parish Mid-Level Hall. These nutritious, tasty meals are served to the residents of the shelter, as well as to families and individuals in the Soulard area, who may be on limited or fixed incomes. We have between 80 and 200 guests who dine with us each day.

Serving times are Monday through Friday from 5:00pm – 5:45pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 12:00pm (Noon) to 12:45pm.

Volunteers from Sts. Peter & Paul and from many other parishes and organizations take turns preparing and serving the meals. Sts. Peter & Paul is responsible for coordinating the 9th day of each month. On this day, volunteers from Sts. Peter & Paul will  plan, prepare, and serve the meal.  If this rewarding work appeals to you, please feel free to join us on the 9th of the month!  

The meals program is managed by Peter and Paul Community Services. Please contact Jane Lindley, the Volunteer Coordinator for Peter & Paul Community Services, if you are interested in learning about or volunteering at the Meals Program. Visit: www.ppcsinc.org for more information about Peter & Paul Community Services.

Jane Lindley

Volunteer Coordinator

Peter & Paul Community Services


Office: 314-588-7111 ext. 209

Email: jlindley@ppcsinc.org