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Imagine attending a Mass where the congregation is fully alive, and is participating in the celebration.  Imagine being surrounded by people who pray for the ups and downs of each other’s lives.  Imagine being able to see Jesus in the faces around you, because you are seated with them in a circle around the altar!

Because of our round seating arrangement, it’s impossible to just be a spectator here!  You will be drawn into the homily, because it applies to you.  You will help bless the children and the sick.  You might even find yourself singing at the top of your lungs, even though you think you are tone deaf!  (Don’t worry about offending the choir – they love getting drowned out by the congregation!)

Small children love coming here.  Think about it – in most churches, a child can only see the back of the person in front of them.  Here, the children can see everything.  And the small children help with the music, too.  They gather around the piano and play maracas, tambourines, bongos, and bells.  During part of the Mass, the children can withdraw to a room for their own private, personal liturgy. 

On major feast days and special occasions, our Liturgical Dance Ministry enhances our prayer with reverent movement.  This form of dance is called embodied prayer.  Graceful dance movement is a very natural, reverent compliment to our spoken prayer.

All in all, you will go home carrying the Mass in your heart.

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